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Aupair program


What is an aupair program?

An aupair program is an international educational stay with the purpose of extending a life experience for its participants. This program is aimed on getting the cultural knowlegde and new language skills. 

Who can be an aupair?

Participans of this program are usually younger people between 18-30 of age. It is very common that students who just left the high school are taking a year or two to move abroad and experience something like this. But this is NOT a rule. An aupair can be anyone who has the permition for stay in a selected country.

How it works

The word of "aupair" comes from French and its meaning is "another pair of hands". We do love this expression. The aupair program should not be taken as a job position and as it, it has strick international rules. An aupair is not an employee, do not have a wage and do not pay taxes. An aupair gets pocketmoney for a couple of hours of help with the household. It is not a rule that an aupair must have help just with the children. Aupair can help with en eldery or animals as well. One of the biggest rule is that the family is obligated to provide a privite room and food for the aupair.

There are two types of an aupair stay.


This is the regular stay. Its working hours are between 25-30 h/pw with one or two babysittins per week as well.


This stay is extended to 30-40 h/ pw with two babysittings per week.

Anyone who is thinking of getting an aupair should be aware of that aupair is neither a housekeeper or a professional nanny. An aupair must have time for study of the language and travel to full-fill the purpose of this experience. There also is not possibility of having a live-out aupair as it's said above.