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Permanent Nanny placement

Junior/ Mother´s help or Senior nanny

According to your wishes and needs, we will find the right person who will be perfectly suitable for your family. There is a slight difference between the two types of nannies.

Junior nanny/ Mother´s help is a person with max. two years of random experience in the childcare area. This person could be just a camp leader or an aupair before. JN is suitable for families with one of the parents on the maternity leave or working from home so the responsibilities can be shared. The parent also can easily control the work of the nanny and help her.

Senior nanny is high experienced professional with 3+ years of work in the childcare area. Senior nanny is usually already qualified for the position. SN must have a deep and wide knowlegde in every aspect of her job. She/ he is able to take care of any age group, starting with the age of three months of a baby. Senior nannies cover full-time and sole core and are good in the basic organisation of the household. You can let them fully plan their program with your children, organise playdates or take children to doctors.

Having the Pediatric First-Aid certification is essential.


Temporary Nanny placement

If you are in a need of sudden or just a short term childcare service as a vacation or evening event, we will quickly find a person that can full fill your needs.



One-Year Childcare service

You can register with our agency for the whole year and we gurantee you a full service including a temporary nanny placement, vacation and evening event cover and a cover nanny when your permanent nanny is sick.


Aupair placement

If you are thinking of getting an aupair, please, first check the aupair program and its international rules on our page. If it is still the best option, we will find the right girl or boy to be a big sister or brother to your child/children.



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